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Making learning more effective for curious minds

Educational is a learning management tool that fosters education for professional and curious minds. Through valuable courses, tutorials, newsletters, effective gamification techniques, and fun peer-to-peer communication, Educational makes learning fun.



Create a powerful place to learn

  • Create and Curate content

    Our easy-to-use editor lets you create and share resources, like articles, essays, videos, books, and podcasts you find useful with peers and collaborators.

    Create and Curate content
  • Encourage Active Learning

    Power up your learning and get involved. Create quizzes, exercises, and assignments to boost accountability.

    Encourage Active Learning
  • Drip Feed Content

    Automate the delivery of content and create a publishing schedule. Deliver your course content and materials one module at a time to avoid overwhelm and encourage progress.

    Drip Feed Content
  • Enable Gamification

    Reward your students through effective gamification techniques. Award points, certificates and badges to continue to promote productivity.

    Enable Gamification
  • Nurture a Community

    Build a community for your students to discuss topics and engage in powerful peer-to-peer learning. This fosters critical thinking skills and nurtures self-reflection.

    Nurture a Community
  • Inbuilt Feedback

    Collect feedback from your students and arm yourself with the information you need to keep improving your materials. Our in-built feedback form lets you gather feedback after each lesson, or you can integrate Google Forms or surveys.

    Inbuilt Feedback
  • Beautiful Landing Page

    Make a great first impression with professional and highly customizable landing page templates that drive conversions and build your brand.

    Beautiful Landing Page
  • Provide Payment Options

    Payment options can be tweaked to fit your students’ needs, whether that’s a one-time fee, a subscription, or free access. There are no limits either - you can take payments in 130+ different currencies through Stripe or PayPal.

    Provide Payment Options
  • Pre-launch Your Course

    If your audience can’t wait to get their hands on your content, our pre-launch feature will help. You can test out ideas before investing in creating an entire course and collect emails while you’re at it.

    Pre-launch Your Course


Popular questions

Popular questions
How much does it cost to use Educational?

We charge nothing upfront for paid courses. We manage all payments for you and take 15% of each sale. We charge a fee per learner for free courses.

How do I get started?

Schedule a call with us or let us know your idea via this form. Once we’ve approved your idea you can get started straight away. You’ll have instant access to all our features, which allow you to create and curate articles, videos, and podcasts from the get-go.